Website of Papua Provincial Government Regional Apparatus Organization Must Publish The Results of Development Activities

Assistant of Regional Secretary of Papua for Economy and People's Welfare, Muhammad Musa'ad instructed all websites managed by the Provincial Government's Regional Apparatus Organization, to actively publish the results of development activities that have been carried out.

The information presented, must also be accompanied by accurate data and not origin, so that it can be accounted to the public.

This was said by Assistant Musaad, while delivering a speech at the Socialization of Activation of Government Information Service Management, within the Papua Provincial Government, Tuesday (4/27/2021), at Swissbell Hotel, Jayapura.

Musa'ad also hopes that all Regional Apparatus Organization of Papua Provincial Government can collaborate with other parties, including journalists, in disseminating information from the government's work to the public.

"That way, people from outside Papua can also know what the Papua Government has done so far including the development of Papua".

"Because the people of Indonesia must also know what the Papuan Government has done," said Musaad.

He on that occasion also highlighted the performance of the Information and Documentation Management Officer in each Regional Apparatus Organization, which he said was less than maximal in exposing the programs and activities that have been done on their respective websites.

So the public does not know and has not been able to assess the work of the Papua Provincial Government.

"A lot of information has not opened yet but transparency is one of the requirements of good governance".

"This means that when there is a skewed or disproportionate issue, it can lead to a wrong assessment of Papua. This is what I think needs to be fixed in the future periodically," he added.

While the head of Communication and Informatics Department of Papua, Jery Yudianto hopes that through the socialization activities, the role of the Information and Documentation Management Officer in each Regional Apparatus Organization can be maximized for the presentation of development data to the public.

"The Information and Documentation Management Officer is also public relations in each Regional Apparatus Organization. They are also data producers and data guardians. This means they are responsible for exposing the data to the public on an ongoing basis. So that the information is precisely and quickly conveyed to the public," he concluded.