The Committee will publish Technical Hand Book of National Sports Week XX 2021

The National Sports Week XX 2021 of Papua together with sports administrators have completed the preparation of the Technical Hand Book (THB) of National Sports Week XX of Papua.

Technical Hand Book is officially submitted for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to be published on the website of National Sports Week. 

The handover of Technical Hand Book took place at the Kotaraja Autonomous Hall, Jayapura City, Tuesday night by the Coordinator of Match Affairs, Jan Jap Ormuseray when handing over THB to the ICT Field, Kansiana Salle, witnessed by the General Secretary of National Sports Week Committee of Papua, Elia Loupatty and other administrators. 

"It can be said that this THB is a holy book in the implementation of National Sports Week XX. The process lasts quite a long time and through intense discussion and coordination can all go well. We should be proud that the preparation of this THB can be well organized despite getting a long struggle that takes time, energy and mind," Elia Loupatty told the press in Jayapura, Wednesday, April 28, 2021.

According to Loupatty, National Sports Week XX is ICT-based so that the preparation and discussion of THB can be carried out quickly. "The schedule greatly affects the achievements of every athlete, because when it comes to National Sports Week then his heart is in the field of competition where THB is the heart," he said.

He explained after the field of the match was completely discussed, then submitted to ICT and on Tuesday night (27/4) was published on the website of National Sports Week Committee.

"All over Indonesia have read this on the National Sports Week Committee website and this is an achievement event for athletes because each province has already known who will participate in the competition," he said again. 

Meanwhile, the coordinator of competition, Yan Yap Ormuseray said that the submission of THB is an important part because it will be a technical manual on the implementation of National Sports Week XX in October.

"We have officially submitted to the National Sports Week Committee then ICT field will publish on SIMPON website to be seen by all contingents throughout Indonesia," he added. 

Nevertheless, said Ormuseray, there are still 4 sports that have not completed their THB, namely Fencing, Muaythai, Outdoor hockey and Indoor. 

"THB who submitted this as many as 50 out of 54 discipline sports of National Sports Week because there are 4 THB that have not been completed, our hope in the near future is completed to be published," he concluded