Papua Provincial Government ask for reviewing the statement about the Armed Criminal Group as a Terrorist

The Central Government has been asked to review the embedding of terrorist labels for the Armed Criminal Group in Papua.

The Governor of Papua thinks that the government's stance should be comprehensive by taking into account the social, economic and legal impacts for Papuans in general.

"The Provincial Government of Papua agreed that all the actions of a group of people claiming to be part of the Armed Criminal Group are troubling, unlawful and harm the basic principles of human rights".

"It's just that terrorism is considered a concept that is still debated within the scope of law and politics. Therefore, the determination of Armed Criminal Group as a terrorist group is considered necessary to be carefully reviewed and ensure the objectives of the state in granting the status," explained Papua Governor Spokesman Muhammad Rivai Darus, Thursday (4/29/2021), in Jayapura. 

The Provincial Government of Papua, still according to Lukas, encouraged the Indonesian Military (TNI) and the Indonesian National Police (POLRI) in advance to map the strength of the Armed Criminal Group covering the distribution of its territory, the number of people and special characteristics depicting the organization.

This is needed because the Papua Provincial Government does not want any misaimed fire targeting Papuan civilians.

"Labeling terrorists to the Armed Criminal Group will have a psychosocial impact on Papuans who are overseas. This is then feared to create a new negative stigmatization for Papuans who are overseas".

"Therefore, the Papua Provincial Government also argues that the Central Government should conduct communication and consultation with the UN Security Council regarding the granting of terrorist status to the Armed Criminal Group," he explained. 

Finally, the spokesman Rivai ensured that Papuans would remain loyal to the Republic of Indonesia.

"It's just that the Provincial Government of Papua wants a security approach in Papua, done more humanist and put forward the exchange of words and ideas instead of the exchange of bullets," he concluded.

Earlier, The Minister of or Politics, Law and Security, Mahfud  MD announced the government's stance on a series of Armed Criminal Group attacks in Papua on civilians and the Indonesian Military and the National Police. Mahfud Md confirmed the government declared the Armed Criminal Group a terrorist.