Governor Enembe Plans the Construction of Five Office Buildings

After being delayed, the construction of five office buildings in a number of places in Jayapura City, inaugurated by the Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe, Monday (7/19/2021) afternoon.

The five offices that will be built are MRP, PUPR Papua Office, BPP BJ Papua Office, PAPUA KPU Office and KNPI Papua Office.

Direct tightening by the Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe through the pressing of the siren button as well as the installation of a security fence for the emptying of the governor's office by the Papua Coordination Forum for Regional Leaders, at the Governor's Office, Jayapura.

Lukas in his speech believes the construction of office buildings, especially the 10-storey Governor's Office will become a symbol of the revival and independence of Papuans.

Therefore, he hopes that the construction process can be completed on time.

"Because of the construction of this office for the younger generation of Papua in the future. For me it's not about building an office. But how do we prepare infrastructure development for future Generations of Papuans," he said.

He added that the construction of the new building is important, so that the government office can be a pride for Papuans in the future.

"We are already modern, so the face of the provincial capital must change. We have to show that Papua is changing. And Papua must rise in its independence," he said.

While the Head of PUPR Papua, Girius One Yoman stated specifically for the governor's office, his status was designed in the form of a multi-year worth IDR 400 billion. The development fund has been budgeted on the provincial budget.

"Later the governor's office is planned to be built nine floors with one basement so that a total of 10 floors and all the documents are ready administratively ".

"As for the construction, the rest of the building will be completed according to the contract," he added.