The Inauguration Regent and Deputy Regent of Boven Digoel

JAYAPURA - Regent and Deputy Regent elected Boven Digoel Regency, Hengky Yaluwo - Lexi Romel Wagiu, the results of the 2020 election, officially inaugurated by the Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe, Wednesday (13/10/2021) at the State Building, Jayapura.

The pair of regional heads was appointed based on the Decree of the Minister of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Number 131.91/4798 of 2001, on the fourth amendment to the Decree of the Minister of Home Affairs No. 131/91/353 of 2001 concerning the endorsement, appointment of regional heads and deputy regional heads of regional elections simultaneously in 2020 in the local area.

In his speech, Governor Lukas Enembe advised that the newly appointed regents and deputy regents, were able to embrace the entire community in the development process and become role models and role models for their citizens.

"After you have been appointed, I hope to be a figure and role model of the community," said Governor.

According to the Governor, regional leaders in Boven Digoel who have taken oaths and promises, must submit and obey the rules and must position themselves as the supreme leader.

Regents and Deputy Regents must also understand the situation and conditions of the community so as to create prosperity in the region.

"The condition of the government must be considered because many leaders who repeat the same events, the most common events are, the regional head leader is entangled in a legal case, I do not want to see Papuans entangled in legal cases of corruption issues"

"That's why I appeal to regional leaders who have been appointed to be careful in making decisions and policies," he said. ***