The New Governor's Office Building Represents Local Wisdom and Low Carbon

JAYAPURA - Assistant for Economic affairs and People's Welfare of the Regional Secretary of Papua, Muhammad Musa'ad ensured that the new building of the Papua Governor's office will represent local wisdom and low carbon.

The shape of the building is also sure to be made very efficient and economical, so there will be a special space that can later be used by the community.

"The 10 floors of the new building of the Governor's Office will be constructed by the Development and Housing (PP) Company. The shape is in accordance with local wisdom, low carbon and uniquely typical of Papua and all this has been conveyed to PP Company," Musa'ad told the press, in Jayapura on Monday.

As for licensing, Musa'ad again ensured the process had received a "green light" from the central government. Because the old Governor's Office building located on Jalan Soa Siu Dok 2 Jayapura City, has been established since 1976.

"The approval letter from the Ministry of PUPR already exists, as well as the calculation of assets, so the demolition has begun," he said.

"For sure, the governor's office building is about 50 years old. So it's worth renovating. Moreover, this building is used to run the government, even all administrative processes have been carried out," he said.

While the process of building the governor's office, carried out on a multi-year (project) and fully sourced from the regional budget. The total budget needed reached IDR400 billion.

"Since the beginning of 2021 the renovation of the governor's office has been included in the master plan, so that some temporary agencies have offices of the former Office of Labor Dok 9 and Work Training Center, Pasir 2.

"So the demolition of the old building was not done suddenly. It will be done after National Sports Week and National Paralympic events so the quadrennial sports agenda is not disturbed. The point is that the auction process has been completed, we expect by the end of 2022, the construction will be finished," he said. ***