Budget Implementation List (DIPA) and Transfer to Regions and Village Fund (TKDD) of Papua 2022 IDR57.41 Trillion Submitted

JAYAPURA - The Papua Provincial Government received the allocation of the Budget Implementation List (DIPA) and the list of allocation of Transfer to Regions and Village Fund (TKDD) in fiscal year 2022 worth IDR57.41 trillion.

The handover was made symbolically to the 21 Budget User Power (KPA) of the ministry's work unit as well as the district and city governments, by Papua Governor Lukas Enembe on Monday.

In his speech Lukas said, the submission of Budget Implementation List 2022 was done earlier so that the implementation of the budget in Papua Province could run more optimally. The budget is now focused on infrastructure development and connectivity, improving the quality and effectiveness of social protection, defense and security programs to support stability.

"Therefore, the implementation of various activities planned for 2022 I hope to begin immediately and coordinate, so that there is no overlap of activities and accumulate at the end of the budget year," Lukas urged.

The Head of the Directorate General of Treasury of Papua Province, Burhani U.S., in his report conveyed the allocation of the 2022 state budget in Papua Province amounting to IDR57.41 trillion, an increase of 0.63 percent from the previous year. Of the overall state spending in 2022 in Papua, IDR13.93 trillion was allocated to the Ministry of State / Institution Work Unit of 623 DIPA, an increase of 0.48% compared to the previous year, "he explained.

Furthermore, IDR43.47 trillion in the form of TKDD allocation for Provinces / Regencies / Cities increased 0.63% from the previous year.

"Therefore, the Regents / Mayors and Budget User of the Work Unit in Papua are asked to prepare development programs in 2022 well in order to run effectively since the beginning of January 2020 and provide the widest benefits to the community".

"One of them is by preparing for an early auction through the utilization of e-procurement and e-catalogue," he said. ***