Ministry of Social Affairs Republic of Indonesia, Risma See The Victims of Floods and Landslides in Jayapura Tomorrow

JAYAPURA - Ministry of Social Affairs Republic of Indonesia, Tri Rismaharini is scheduled to directly monitor the local government's handling of flood and landslide victims in Jayapura and surrounding areas, Thursday (13/1/2022) tomorrow.

This assurance was conveyed by The Head of Social Affairs Department of Papua Provincial, Nius Wenda when contacted by reporters in Jayapura, Wednesday (12/1/2022).

According to him, Minister Risma upon arrival in Jayapura directly will visit  a number of points, to ensure the handling of victims of flood and landslide disasters went as it should.

"Minister of Social Affairs will monitor the victims affected by floods and landslides in Jayapura City"

"In essence, she wants to ensure the government's handling of disaster victims (is done well)," Nius said.

From the temporary information, the Ministry of Social Affairs Republic of Indonesia is scheduled to visit Organda housing, GOR Waringin evacuation, landslide location in Bhayangkara police dormitory, food bank and evacuations place in BBPPKS Jayapura.

Risma during her visit will also provide compensation and logistics for the families of victims who died because of the landslide disaster.

Yesterday, the Provincial Government had submitted to the Ministry of Social Affairs for compensation to the families of the deceased. And the Minister will hand over the compensation symbolically."

"The point is that the provision of logistical assistance to compensate for disaster victims is a form of attention from the government. As for the amount of compensation there is a standard of value, be it to the injured or the dead, but we focus on the victims who died", she concluded. ***