Communication and Informatics Department of Papua: The Importance of the Role of the Press to Help Public Education

JAYAPURA - The rampant circulation of negative information or fake news (hoax) on social media lately, has not gone unnoticed by the Papua Communication and Informatics Department.

A series of efforts were made to fend off hoax attacks directed at the Papua Provincial Government, more specifically to Governor Lukas Enembe.

Nevertheless, the Head of the Papua Communication and Informatics Department Jeri. A Yudianto is well aware that the role of the press, which is a working partner of the current provincial government, is very important in helping to educate the community.

Because the press has credibility that can help fight disinformation that is deliberately spread by certain parties to disrupt the situation, spreading terror to potentially trigger conflict.

"We appreciate the activities carried out by AMSI, through the News Literacy Training for the Public Against Mis/Disinformation can help educate citizens to be able to choose and sort out information or news that is true and responsible," explained Jeri, on the sidelines of the activity, Monday (9/5/2022), in Jayapura. 

Not only to the participants of the activity, Jeri appealed to all press circles in Papua, to also be agents of change in warding off hoaxes that are currently very rampant.

"Because to ward off hoaxes it must start from yourself. Then after that it educated the closest people, namely family and colleagues and the surrounding community," he said.

The Indonesian Cyber Media Association (AMSI) previously held news literacy training in 10 regions in Indonesia from May to September 2022. Through this training, the public is expected to have an understanding of the importance of media literacy.

Vice Chairman I of Central AMSI, Irfan Junaedi said, there were 7 material points received by participants, namely; The Impact of Social Media for Public Understanding of Information, Press Releases and the Essence of Journalistic Work, Recognizing Advertorials and other Forms of Native Advertising, Recognizing Journalism That Serves the Public, Hacking Social Media Algorithm, Truth, Evidence and Limitations of Journalism, Being Aware of Dual Meaning: Visual Effects/Photos in the News.

"The ability to verify information and find the correct reference sources is needed by the community, it is hoped that participants can be involved in containing the spread of hoaxes or false information whose impact is quite large and damages social joints, even affecting policies," said Irfan Junaidi, Chairman II of AMSI and also the Person in Charge of the Fact Check Program, Monday (05/09/2022) in Jayapura.

This news literacy training activity will be carried out in 9 regions with face-to-face methods and 1 region with online training methods. The 10 areas that became training places are Papua, Central Kalimantan, Riau, Riau Islands, DKI Jakarta, East Java, Central Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, West Sulawesi and Gorontalo.

The public news literacy training against mis/disinformation in Jayapura City, Papua lasted for two days, 9-10 Mey 2022 and was attended by 37 participants from 25 quotas prepared by AMSI Papua from various organizations / institutions including representatives of BEM Cenderawasih University, BEM USTJ, LBH Papua, Komnas HAM Representative Papua, ALDP, PAHAM Papua, Academician of Muhammadiyah University of Papua, representative of youth of the Church and others. ***