A Number of Areas in Jayapura Have Not Been Reached by Digital Broadcasts

JAYAPURA - Analog TV broadcasts in Indonesia officially began to be turned off on April 30, 2022, which the implementation was carried out gradually.

Nevertheless, the implementation of digital TV broadcasts in Papua, more specifically in Jayapura City and surrounding areas, was not really optimal.

In some places in Jayapura and surrounding areas, there is still a blank spot, so it cannot access digital TV broadcasts. Among them such as in the Tanjung Ria Sub-district, Organda and several other points.

"Indeed, for now there are still many areas in Jayapura City that have not been able to receive digital broadcasts. But the government will gradually continue to try to reach the blank spot area so that all citizens can access digital broadcasts," explained Head of The Papua Communication and Informatics Department Jeri A. Yudianto, in Jayapura, Monday (05/09/2022).

Jeri asked residents of Jayapura and surrounding areas who have not received digital TV broadcasts to be patient waiting until the transmitter is provided in the blank spot area. Because in the future, the Ministry of Communication and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia is preparing to build a digital TV broadcast transmitter for the blank spot area.

"Even for this year, TVRI has started building some transmitters at some point. In essence, the state will still work, but the Multiplexing organizers will expand the broadcast coverage," he explained.

While about the quality of digital TV broadcasts, Jeri added, it is certainly very good and not inferior in quality to pay-TV broadcasts such as Indihome or Indovision.  

"Even just using the inner antenna can actually capture broadcasts with good quality. But it depends on whether the area can afford digital broadcasts or not," he said. ***