Papua Provincial Government Commits to Produce Ready-to-Work Human Resources to Reduce Unemployment

JAYAPURA - One of the work programs of the Industry Trade and Labor Department of Papua this year is to reduce the unemployment rate. That effort, namely by producing ready-to-work human resources that are in accordance with the needs of the job. 


Head of the Industry, Cooperatives and SMEs Department of Papua, Omah Laduani Ladamay ensured that he would encourage and maximize the implementation of the skill development center program at the Work and Industry Training Center (BLKI).

So it is hoped that BLKI Papua will be a training center to produce labor that is in accordance with the needs of the current field.

"So, BLKI's duties after training, they can be absorbed in the field of work, "explained Laduani in Jayapura on Wednesday.

 Still with regard to that, continued Laduani, the Papua Provincial Government through its agencies is also strongly committed to reducing the unemployment rate in its territory to reach 1 percent next year.

This commitment is in accordance with the target of the Regional Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMD) of the Papua Provincial Government.

"Indeed, to achieve this target is full of challenges, but we will try to work to the maximum. Hopefully it can be realized," he explained.

Laduani added, currently the unemployment rate in Papua Province is still at 3.2 percent. This figure is down from the previous year which reached 4 percent more due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thus he is optimistic that the unemployment rate will be lowered next year because there is a strong commitment from all parties. ***