2020, Papua Fee 3 Special Autonomy Scholarship Program

The Papua Provincial Government this year financed 3 Special Autonomy Affirmation Scholarship programs for Papuan students and indigenous students.

The three programs are the Papua Superior Student Scholarship (SUP) for High School (SMA) students, the Papua Superior Student Scholarship (SUP) vocational school for Vocational School students (SMK) and the Special Autonomy Papua Affirmation Specialist Scholarship 2020 for indigenous Papuan doctors (OAP) who serve throughout Papua.

Head of Papua's Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDM) Aryoko AF Rumaropen,SP. M.Eng, Thursday (Sept. 10, 2020) told the press that these three programs are the policy of Papua Governor Lukas Enembe,SIP. MH and Deputy Governor Klemen Tinal,SE. MM in order to prepare Papuan human resources that are superior, intelligent and mastering Science And Technology (Science) and good behavior.

"This is in line with the vision and mission of the Governor and Deputy Governor of Papua to develop and prepare indigenous Papuan human resources to develop their society and country, "said Aryoko Rumaropen.

He explained that the SUP Scholarship program for high school and VOCATIONAL SUP Scholarship for vocational school is devoted to OAP with native dignity from tribes in Papua to continue their study abroad.

While the Special Autonomy Papua Affirmation Specialist Scholarship 2020 is held for Papuan students who have completed their medical degree and have passed the certification and registration of the profession as a doctor who has served for at least one year in the Papua Province.

According to the Head of BPSDM, the administrative selection stage for high school scholarship programs and specialists has been implemented. And as a result, there are 471 high school students and 112 doctors from all over Papua who are declared to have graduated from administration.

"To this day, the high school scholarship program has been conducted at the administrative selection stage and approximately 471 students from all over Papua have been declared graduates. Even for a specialist scholarship as many as 112 doctors were declared graduates," he explained.

Meanwhile, the vocational scholarship program is still in the registration and administrative selection stage." The registration and selection process is opened to all regions in Papua online."

He explained that the recruitment and selection of high school students is done at one stage. After administration selection, they entered the coaching process to undergo an education abroad. "If in the process, there are students who are not ready they will be facilitated to study domestically,"Said Aryoko.

The same is the vocational scholarship program. However, continued Aryoko Rumaropen, this vocational program in collaboration with vocational development institutions in Australia so that Papuan vocational school students will undergo vocational education and training in Australia.