There have been 15 deaths in two weeks, people should not underestimate Covid

In the last two weeks, the number of positive cases of Covid-19 has increased sharply, i.e. increased by more than 800.There have been 15 cases with predictions of transmission still occurring.

Papua Province Covid-19 Task Force Spokesman Silwanus Sumule urged people not to underestimate the transmission of coronavirus. When the discipline of health protocols begins to decrease, the threat of transmission will be greater.

"Undeniably the number of positive cases of Covid-19 in Papua is currently experiencing a significant increase. Indeed, the Papuan Government continues to work hard to ward off its circulation".

"But the key remains in society. If all disciplines run health protocols I believe transmission can be suppressed. On the other hand, if the discipline of carrying out health protocols is reduced," explained Sumule, in Jayapura, Monday (Sept. 14, 2020).

While the transmission is accelerating, the Papua Provincial Government has confirmed that it will not follow in the footsteps of the Jakarta government, which recently re-implemented large-scale Social Restrictions (PSBB).

According to Sumule, we will still make new normal adaptations until there is a change of decision by the leadership.

"To be sure, we still consistently apply new normal adaptations. So we also expect the community to be disciplined in implementing health protocols," explained Sumule.

On that occasion, Sumule appreciated the government's plan that would sanction health protocol violators. The decrease in discipline of health protocols in the community, causing covid-19 transmission is currently increasing significantly.

"Hopefully with sanctions for violations of health protocols, it can minimize covid-19 transmission in Jayapura City," he hoped.