37 Coaches and Assistants Undergo Masseurs Training

A total of 54 coaches, assistant coaches and official (37 sports) National Sports Week XX Papua participated in masseur skills improvement training, Monday (12/10/2020), at KONI Papua Office Hall.

The training, which aims to add insight and knowledge regarding the first handling of the athlete's injuries, was opened by Deputy Secretary of KONI Papua Daud Ngabalin.

"This training we do because one of the most important and very supportive aspects in the success of the race in all sports is masseur," explained David, interrupted by the event.

Vice Chairman II of Provincial Training Center Papua, Lt. Col. Inf Asep Supriyanto appreciated the activity. He said the presence of masseur personnel is very important to support and assist the coaches and assistant coaches, when the athletes are injured in training.

"Again I say, this activity is absolutely necessary. Because this masseur personnel in Papua is only a few people, while the whole sport is in desperate need of its energy".

"That's why KONI and Provincial Training Center take this activity, especially to every assistant coach because we can't recruit a masseur for each sport. It's going to take a lot of money. So these are trained to be able to double up," he added. 

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Executive Committee Tery Wanane said that the four-day activity is expected to minimize the severe injuries of athletes during training.

"So when there is an initial injury can be handled by the coach, assistant coach and official. Except for the heavy will be handled by the masseurs team as well as the health team".

"The bottom line is this training is for initial treatment for injured athletes in order to be dealt with quickly," he explained.

It is known that the training activities brought in two masseurs experts who are currently working on the National Team.