Aaron Rumainum, the First Volunteers of Covid-19 Vaccine Injection in Papua

President Joko Widodo became the first person to be injected with the Sinovac Vaccine on Wednesday (1/13/2021) morning.

This marks the start of the first phase of the Covid-19 vaccination process in Indonesia.

Covid-19 vaccination in Indonesia began to be implemented after the Covid-19 Sinovac Vaccine obtained an emergency use permit from the Food and Drug Administration (BPOM).

As for Papua, the first volunteer to be vaccinated was an official in the Papua Provincial Health Office.

The Head of Disease Prevention and Control (Head of P2P) Of Papua Provincial Health Office, dr. Aaron Rumainum.

Uniquely, in the process of injecting the vaccine, he was not assisted by medical personnel. Instead, he injected the Sinovac Vaccine in his arm Wednesday evening at the Papua Health Office.

"This is my form of sacrifice to my health officers. So the health workers in Papua are not afraid to be vaccinated.”

"That is, if I was vaccinated then nothing happened, then the other would also be safe," he told the press after the vaccine.

Before carrying out the injecting of the Sinovac Vaccine, Aaron first showed a simulation of the stages of vaccine administration.

Thus, he hopes that the health workers, who vaccinate, can carry out their duties properly.

"The point is that I am in touch and close to COVID-19 patients, I also do not know when this pandemic will end. So while there is a free vaccine, I have injected myself. I also invite all people to be ready to be vaccinated," Aaron said.

It is known that Papua Province has now received 14,680 doses of the Sinovac Vaccine. Where for the first injection, there were as many as 7,000 health workers in Jayapura.

Meanwhile, the next stage of volunteer injection will be held at Dok II Hospital Jayapura, on January 15, 2021, with 13 registered volunteers.