The Information Committee of Papua Asks COVID-19 Task Force to Provide Access to Information Related to Vaccination

The Information Committee of Papua Province asked the local government to provide easy access to vaccination-related information for people.

This aims to avoid confusion and misinformation related to vaccinations that are currently encouraged to all people in Papua.

"Of course, in this case the COVID-19 Task Force of Papua Province and the COVID-19 Task Force in districts and cities will be able to immediately prepare access to information. So that the misinformation about vaccines does not make people reluctant in vaccines," explained chairman of the Papua Provincial Information Committee, Wilhelmus Pigai, in Jayapura, Thursday (1/14/2021).

He also asked the COVID-19 Task Force to be able to engage stakeholders in Papua, both in the field of religion, society, and press to participate in providing correct information to the public regarding COVID-19 vaccination in Papua.

"So with the right information, Papuans are not quickly provoked by invalid information. In essence, access to the information provided is that if it is on target then the implementation of COVID-19 vaccination in Papua can run well and maximally".

"So it is hoped that the increase in cases of the positive for COVID-19 in Papua can be suppressed and community activities can return to normal. So that the economy in the community can increase again as before," he hoped.

On that occasion, Wilhelmus appreciated the Papua Provincial Government through the relevant agencies that have started COVID-19 vaccination efforts.

He hopes that the presence of vaccines can treat and reduce the death rate, as well as protect the public and families from the threat of coronavirus or COVID-19.