Government and Regional Police open the enrollment of Petty Officer (BINTARA) for 2000 indigenous Papuans

The Provincial Government and the Papua Regional Police will open the acceptance of 2 thousand prospective Police officers for indigenous Papuans from five indigenous regions in Papua, namely La Pago, Me Pago, Tabi, Saireri and Animha.


The acceptance of the OAP Petty Officer was agreed upon by the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe,SIP. MH, Deputy Governor Klemen Tinal, SE, MM, Papua Police Chief Irjen Pol Mathius D Fakhiri and Deputy Chief of Police Brig. Gen. Eko Rudi Sudarto during a meeting, Monday evening (5/4/2021) at the State Building, Jayapura.


"The meeting between the Governor, Deputy Governor, Police Chief and Deputy Chief of Police, one point discussed was the preparation of the receipt of 2000 indigenous Papuans. And this agreement, we immediately follow up," said the Head of Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDM) Papua Province, Aryok AF Rumaropen, SP. M.Eng told the press on Tuesday morning (6/4/2021) in Jayapura.


The meeting was also attended by the Director of Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Dok II Jayapura, drg. Aloysius Giay, M. Kes, Inspector of Regional Supervisors (Irwasda) of Papua Police Grand Commissioner Alfred Papare and Head of General Bureau of Papua, Elpius Hugi, S.Pd.MA .


Rumaropen informs that for the financing of admissions and education of 2000 indigenous Papuans was charged to the Regional Budget of Papua province this year.


"The Governor and Deputy Governor ordered the Human Resources Development Agency to coordinate with the Papua Police for the acceptance and education of indigenous Papuans police officers. Technically, the Papua Police submitted its budgeting needs to the Papua Provincial Government through the Human Resources Development Agency then submitted to the budget team to be accommodated," he explained.


At the meeting, the head of Human Resources Development Agency, Deputy Governor of Papua also encourages that the acceptance of Police Petty Officers should indigenous Papuans. So that young people who are in villages throughout the Papua Province get the opportunity to career and serve in the National Police.


"For the acceptance of this Police Petty Officer, the Deputy Governor asked and emphasized devoted service to the indigenous people of Papua. Then accommodate the Papuan youth who are in villages throughout the Papua Province," said Aryoko.


He added that in addition to the financing of the Papua Provincial Government, the current process of health selection will involve the team of RSUD Jayapura. "The Governor and Deputy Governor also requested that the health selection process involve the Papua Province health team from Jayapura Hospital and the health office," he said.