Governor: Amendment and Addition of Article in the Second Amendment of Special Autonomy Law, Not As Needed Yet

Papua Governor Lukas Enembe appreciated the Central Government, People's Consultative Assembly Republic of Indonesia, as well as all Factions in the house of Representatives Republic of Indonesia and  Regional Representatives Council Republic of Indonesia, who have contributed to the ratification of the Draft Law on the Second Amendment to Law No. 21 of 2001, on Special Autonomy for the Papua Province, at the 23rd Plenary Meeting of the House of Representatives of the Session Period V of the 2020-2021 Session Year.

Nevertheless, Lukas said the changes to Article 18 and the addition of 2 new articles in the Papua Special Autonomy design law have not been in accordance with the expectations and needs of the local government and the people of Papua.

"Nevertheless, the Governor of Papua acknowledges that the second amendment to the Special Autonomy Law has partially accommodated a number of crucial issues repeatedly addressed and championed by Governor Lukas Enembe since 2014".

"And intensely re-delivered in recent months in line with the determination of the Second Amendment Bill on the Papua Special Autonomy Law as a priority in Prolegnas," explained Papua Governor Spokesman Muhammad Rifai Darus, in Jayapura, Monday (19/07/2021).

Rifai said that even though the Papua Special Autonomy Bill had been passed, Governor Lukas Enembe stated that the issue in Papua was still not resolved.

The instrument of legislation is just a large foundation that provides a lot of space for change and progress towards Papua. Most importantly when accompanied by consistent communication and participation by the central government and local governments.

"Collaboration is important in achieving change and progress, therefore the Governor of Papua hopes that in the future the current relationship can run better and put forward the principle of openness," said Rifai.

On that occasion, Governor Enembe still according to Rifai wished that the new article of the Special Autonomy Bill which has formulated the formation of a special body chaired by the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia is expected to involve the Papua Provincial Government in the preparation of government regulations.

"Even the Papua Provincial Government will form a special team to conduct communication and coordination related to the preparation of Government Regulations that will be a derivative rule of the Papua Special Autonomy Bill that has been passed".

"While specifically to the people of Papua, Governor Lukas Enembe hopes that the public can observe, actively give input, and strictly control the stages after the passing of the Papua Special Autonomy Bill by the House of Representatives," he concluded.