The Corruption Eradication Commission: Corruption Prevention Achievements in Papua Are Still Relatively Stagnant

JAYAPURA - The achievement of corruption prevention efforts by the provincial government and 29 districts / cities in Papua, according to the Corruption Eradication Commission of the Republic of Indonesia (KPK RI) is still stagnant (not growing).

This is because the Monitoring Center for Prevention (MCP) score by the Corruption Eradication Commission, which had risen 34 percent (in the previous year), again dropped to 25 percent in 2020.

"Related to the prevention of integrated corruption in Papua, our value is still relatively stagnant".

"This means that Corruption Eradication Commission intervention in 8 sectors, starting from regional budget, planning and budgeting, procurement of goods / services, licensing, APIP supervision, ASN management, optimization of local taxes, regional asset management, and financial governance, all this is still a lot of homework that still has to be done by the government in Papua province," explained Deputy Chairman of The Corruption Eradication Commission, Alexander Marwata in Jayapura, Tuesday (11/23/2021).

Alexander said, to be able to increase the MCP score needed is the commitment of regional heads to maximize performance achievements in eight sectors intervened by the Corruption Eradication Commission. Because, the efforts are not enough.

"The key is the commitment of regional heads in Papua. The Corruption Eradication Commission will still provide assistance to each of those areas, as long as there is the commitment"

"Because without the commitment of the regional head, it feels difficult for us to help them in carrying out governance in each area," he explained.

Meanwhile, Vice Chairman Alexander Marwata is currently participating in an integrated corruption eradication program with local governments in Papua Province "in the framework of World Anti-Corruption Day 2021".

Regional Secretary of Papua, Ridwan Rumasukun ensured that assistance efforts of the Corruption Eradication Commission had been carried out since 2016.

Papua Province strongly responded and fully supported the implementation of the corruption eradication program action plan activities in Papua.

"It's just that for 2021, NCP only reached 42 percent. But we remain optimistic that we will achieve better targets in the future." ***