Commemorating World AIDS Day, The Governor Invites Citizens in Taking Care of People Living With HIV/AIDS

JAYAPURA - Papua Governor Lukas Enembe invited all citizens of Papua to be able to provide comfort for people with HIV and AIDS (ODHA).

This was called by Governor Enembe, on the anniversary of World AIDS Day (HAS) December 1, 2021 in Papua, which was held in the Courtyard of the Governor's Office, Dok II Jayapura on Wednesday.

The governor also called on all parties in Papua to continuously campaign to stop discrimination against people with HIV and AIDS.

"Because every day they struggle to recover from the disease. But their ways sometimes become difficult because of the negative stigma that is still large in the midst of our society."

"That's why I invite all Papuan to always hold fast to the global principle, that is, stay away from the disease, not the person," said Enembe.

Enembe appealed to all Papuans to for a second, not to turn a blind eye to the transmission and spread of HIV and AIDS. Because if you do not take strategic steps, then the spread of HIV and AIDS will continue to accumulate towards higher numbers.

"I would like to invite all stakeholders in Papua Province to sit in the same chair in commemoration of World AIDS Day, without realizing a single action in each agency"

"I am also the Governor of Papua Province together with the Coordination Forum for Regional Leaders of Papua Province and all elements will sign a joint integrity pact, as our commitment in breaking the chain of spread of HIV and AIDS virus in Papua with a target, in 2030 we will be free from the threat of this dangerous virus," he said. ***