Aquatic Venue Submitted to Papua Provincial Government This Year

Aquatic Venue, Kampung Harapan Jayapura Regency, whose construction has been completed 100 percent, was confirmed immediately submitted to the Papua Provincial Government, at the end of this year. 

The news was delivered by the Head of Sports and Youth Office of Papua Alexander Kapisa to reporters in Jayapura, Friday (13/11/2020).

"The Ministry of Public Works and Housing has made sure to leave it to us immediately. We will definitely invite the press to cover this process," he explained.

In addition to aquatic venues, he mentioned the possibility that the Ministry of Public Works and Housing will hand over the management of Hockey and Cricket venues in Doyo, Jayapura Regency, at the end of the year.

"Then most of the venues that are done through the state budget will be handed over to us," he said.

While ensuring the management of the venue runs to the maximum before the implementation of National Sports Week XX in October 2021, it encourages the establishment of three technical implementation units under the Sports and Youth Department of Papua.

"There will be technical implementation units of venue manager in Doyo Jayapura Regency, UPT Kampung Harapan and UPT located in Jayapura City. So, this technical implementation unit will manage the venue according to the spot".

"Well now we just wait for the registration number from the Ministry of Agriculture related to the establishment of technical implementation unit organization under sports service and immediately formed and appointed," he said.