Papua Exports Increase 3.72 Percent in October 2020

The Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) of Papua announced that exports in October 2020 were recorded at US$212.69 million or an increase of 3.72 percent compared to the previous month of US$205.06 million.

Judging by its type, Papua's exports this month were only non-oil and gas exports worth US$212.69 million.

This was conveyed by Head of Central Bureau of Statistics Papua, Adriana Helene Carolina in Jayapura, in a statement to the press, Monday (16/11/2020).

Meanwhile, exports to six major countries in October 2020 were recorded at US$190.81 million or decreased by 6.82 percent compared to US$204.77 million in September 2020.

"Well for exports to other countries in October 2020 worth US$21.88 million or increased when compared to September 2020 which is US$0.29 million," she explained. 

In contrast to exports, Papua imports in October 2020 were recorded at US$16.21 million or decreased by 18.35 percent when compared to imports in September 2020 of US$19.85 million.

Imports of the 10 main non-oil and gas groups in October 2020 were recorded at US$8.68 million which also decreased by 19.33 percent compared to September 2020 amounting to US$10.76 million.

"Imports from seven major countries in October 2020 amounted to US$14.65 million or decreased by 15.12 percent compared to September 2020".

"The three largest supplier countries of goods to Papua as of October 2020 will be Australia worth US$8.37 million (51.62 per cent), Singapore with imports worth US$5.02 million (30.94 per cent), and the United States worth US$0.93 million (5.74 per cent)," she concluded.