DPPAD Designed Offline Systems to anticipate 66 Percent of Papua Region Zero Internet

The Regional Library and Archives Education Office (DPPAD) of Papua Province has now begun designing an offline learning system to investigate 66 percent of the existing area of the internet network.

"We must be able to help our students and teachers who cannot reach the internet network. Obviously 66 percent of regions that don’t get the internet have the same right to get a learning system even offline," said the Head of DPPAD Papua, Christian Sohilait, in Jayapura.

He also revealed that, with the help of the Ministry of Education for teachers and students in Papua during the Covid-19 Pandemic, only 25 percent could be used.

This means that approximately 600 thousand students, 20 thousand teachers and 71 thousand students and lecturers, only 25 percent can access the internet.

This is because only 34 percent of regions in Papua get to use the internet network.

"This means that the effectiveness of the aid is very minimal, which is only 25 percent that can be used".

"That's why we're re-listing 25 percent of recipients and it's really used for learning during covid-19 pandemic," he said.

Sohilait added, it is moving quickly to welcome Wage Subsidy Assistance (BSU) from the Government. There are 2,834 honorary teachers in Papua who will be sought to receive BSU prepared by the Ministry of Education.

"We certainly hope for this BSU so that it can be absorbed by non-civil servant educators in Papua. Most importantly, the hope is that all honorary teachers in Papua will receive BSU and no one should be neglected," he concluded.