Regional Water Company: Sentani Lake Is No Longer an Alternative Supplier of Clean Water Needs

Sentani Lake water is certainly no longer supplying clean water needs to people in Jayapura and surrounding communities.

This decision was delivered by the Director of Regional Water Company Jayapura Entis Sutisna in Jayapura on Thursday. 

According to him, Regional Water Company in Jayapura is quite realistic with the decision because the usage of Sentani Lake water as an alternative supplier of clean water needs for the community, requires very high cost financing.

"Thus Sentani Lake is no longer the focus in adding clean water capacity for the community".

"The bottom line is we're not going to use that water as much as we can. Because Sentani Lake is a high cost where for an hour running the pump machine only, it takes a fair amount of fuel, which if calculated in rupiah it can reach 2 million IDR," he said. 

Therefore, the nature of sentani lake water usage will be used to increase the needs of the peak.

While Regional Water Company Jayapura will be looking for a new water source, although it is worth acknowledging that it is a very slow initiative.  

"But this delay is wise, because in 2018 the River Regional Hall has built a water collection site from Sentani Lake which is on the boundary of Jayapura City," he said.

Nevertheless, water taken from Sentani Lake will also be distributed to shelters built on the new Waena Alternative Road to be distributed to other reservoirs. 

"But for this we are still waiting for the construction of water treatment by the government, so that it is predicted that it can be utilized in 2022," he concluded.