Community Was Appealed to be Discipline in Health Protocols Despite Vaccines

Deputy Governor of Papua Klemen Tinal urged people to remain disciplined in implementing health protocols, even though the government is currently preparing a COVID-19 vaccine.

"Of course we welcome the corona vaccine that is being made by the government but we shouldn't let our guard down. Stay disciplined with health protocols. Because for now, that's the only way to stop the transmission of COVID-19," explained the Deputy Governor in Arso, Keerom, Monday (11/23/2020).

From the information he gathered, it took about 2 years to vaccinate 270 million Indonesians, from Sabang to Merauke.

While waiting for the vaccine to reach Papua, people are encouraged to continue to carry out health protocols, such as diligently washing hands, keeping distance and wearing masks.

"Yesterday Mr. Jusuf Kalla during a visit to Papua discussed it with me. And it's true that if we have 270 million people in Indonesia, then in a day we can only vaccinate 1 million people, then it will take 270 days and then finish".

"This can be like the polio immunization that takes an annual time. It is assumed that it will be finished in 2 years from Sabang to Merauke. So we are grateful that the vaccine has been made, but until the time we are vaccinated I ask not to violate health protocols," he hoped.

Head of Disease Prevention and Control, Papua Health Office, Aron Rumainum stated the same thing. However, it is reluctant to encourage vaccination to Papuans, prior to the third stage of clinical trials.

"Before it is given to the public, the Covid-vaccine must be clear such as the vaccine that has been given to toddlers".

"This is a new vaccine, the science is certainly new too. Then their vaccine uses viruses from which, what Indonesia, China, England or Canada. China-made vaccines alone are still debated. I'm not sure the vaccine is safe, I don't dare," Aron said.

While even though the third stage of clinical trials have been completed, he continued, the vaccine that must be used is made in Indonesia not from outside. Because he was worried about side effects, the most fatal is death.

"This Covid-vaccine should be discussed further. Because talking about vaccines must be sure that it is completely safe to be distributed to the community," he concluded.