Ministry for Human Development and Culture Asks Papua Green Zone to Open Face-to-Face School

Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture Muhadjir Effendy during his working visit in Jayapura, Papua, requested that the green zone area spread the coronavirus (COVID-19), immediately open a face-to-face school. 

Nevertheless, he reminded that the opening of the school still prioritizes aspects of children's safety and health namely by implementing health protocols in a disciplined manner to avoid the transmission of coronavirus.

"Schools should be active immediately, especially in the (Papua) green zone or small cases. Pity these children if they do not go to school soon," explained the Ministry for Human Development and Culture to the press, after giving material at the Regional Working Meeting of Regents and Mayors in Papua, in Jayapura, (11/24/2020).

Minister Muhadjir also confirmed that he will monitor the distribution of social assistance and food programs of the Family of Hope (PKH) periodically. Because he hopes, all families affected by COVID-19, can receive social assistance and groceries.

"Because the distribution of social assistance in Papua is unique and cannot be distributed entirely through banks because there is a location problem. Therefore, PT Pos has provided support and will be direct delivery (sharing to the community)" 

"And later I will continue to check whether the target has been met or not. Because we must immediately investigate the social assistance distribution in 2021," he explained.

Meanwhile, The Deputy Governor of Papua, Klemen Tinal appreciated the working visit of the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture in Papua. He also said that currently Papua Province already has data on indigenous Papuans that can be used by the central government, in allocating assistance and related work programs. 

"Out of Papua's total population of over 4 million, there are 2 million Papuans. Therefore, we hope that all forms of social assistance to Papuans in the future should be absolutely on target and in accordance with existing data".

"That is, I ask all regional and central heads, when wanting to distribute any assistance directly to the community, must use clear data, so that it can be accounted for," he hoped.