Papua Provincial Government in Second Place as Informative Public Agency

The Provincial Government of Papua, on Wednesday (11/25/2020) afternoon, officially received a public information disclosure award with a category towards informative, which this year came in second with 89.60 points.

The awarding of the information was not online, submitted by Vice President Ma'ruf Amin.

"Last year Papua was in the same category, but was in 14th position".

"This year there has been a significant increase and we hope that with various improvement efforts, in the future Papua can reach the top of the list as a public agency towards information," explained Assistant General Secretary, Ridwan Rumasukun, on the sidelines of the award.

He hopes that all regional apparatus organizations of Papua in 2021 will be more open to the public in terms of data presentation and work program plans to be carried out.

"Because the results that are currently achieved, will be a whip for the Papua Provincial Government to improve in order to present the information needed by the community".

"Because if we work quietly it's a sign that something is not right, but if the work is known to the public it shows a good indication," he said.

The Chairman of the Papua Information Committee (KI), Wilhemus Pigai appreciated the progress of public agency in provinces, districts and cities to village governments, which in the year has increased its role in the field of public information disclosure.

He has no doubt that the information services provided by the government in Papua can be better and more open in the future.

It can be seen from the implementation of the information disclosure law that is now carried out in earnest by the government in Papua.

"We see that all regional apparatus in Papua have begun to have a very high commitment to encourage public information disclosure at the government level". 

"Therefore, we hope that the results achieved today can continue to be improved," he concluded.