Dozens of Papuan Provincial Government Officials Resign

The head of Regional Staffing Agency (BKD) of Papua, Nicolaus Wenda, who has consulted about dozens of echelon III and IV officials in the provincial government, has officially resigned after being appointed in August 2020.

Although not to interfere with the performance in their respective agencies, the resignation was unfortunate for the regional head for not exercising the trust that had been mandated.

"I don't know how many totals (are retreating) but it is about tens. Of course this decision is very unfortunate because they have been given trust but not to be done," said Nicolaus Wenda, in Jayapura, Friday (13/11/2020).

In this regard, according to Nicolaus, Deputy Governor Klemen Tinal has instructed all Regional Apparatus Organization in the provincial government to conduct performance evaluations.

On the other hand, reporting periodically every six months, for then the employee's work will be evaluated.

"This is in order to prevent any more incidents where an employee has been appointed to a particular position and then resigns," he said.

He added that he had recently agreed with all head of Regional Apparatus Organization in the provincial government to form a team of assessors.

The team, however, must report on each staff's performance progress before it closes in 2020.

"This means that each Regional Apparatus Organization forms a team of ranks and minor positions in their agency. Then report the results of the assessment at the end of the year, so that there is progress at the beginning of next year," he concluded.