The Education, Library and Regional Archives Department of Papua: We Attempt 2,834 Honorary Teachers to Receive Wage Subsidy Assistance

The Education, Library and Regional Archives Department of Papua moved quickly to welcome Wage Subsidy Assistance (BSU) from the Government. About 2,834 honorary teachers in Papua will be sought to receive wage subsidy assistance prepared by the Ministry of Education of Republic of Indonesia.

"Based on the analysis of teacher needs, ideally in Papua as of December 2019 has 10,910 teachers. But we only have 4,472 civil servant teachers, so Papua lacks 6,441 teachers". 

"Because of this shortage we recruit 2,834 honorary teachers so we encourage them to be able to get that assistance," explained the head of Education, Library and Regional Archives Department of Papua Province, Christian Sohilait, in Jayapura, Tuesday (17/11/2020).

According to him, 2,834 teachers spread the educational institutions of high school, vocational school and special need school in Papua.

As for playgroup, kindergarten, elementary and junior high school, it is preparing letters to districts and cities in Papua.

"We certainly welcome the government's policy of helping our non-civil servant teachers. Most importantly, the hope is that all honorary teachers in Papua can receive Wage Subsidy Assistance and no one should be neglected".

"Essentially we will study this policy and prepare the data needed for all to be accommodated," he said.

Previously, the central government planned to allow honorary teachers in Indonesia, in the Section of Wage Subsidy Assistance (BSU). 

Where the target of Wage Subsidy Assistance as much as 2 million teachers can receive total budget assistance of 3.6 trillion IDR.

The planned amount that will be received by each non-civil servant teacher is 1.8 million IDR, which is given this month.